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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A girl! It's a girl!

I found out a few days ago that Todd's younger sister, Amelia, will be expecting a baby girl in June. Woo hoo! Bayley will have a little girl cousin on my husband's side. Lovely, lovely, lovely. I already know that the baby will have long dark hair when she's born, just like Bayley did. My niece and my daughter are going to look very much like sisters instead of cousins. Whaddya wanna bet.

Amelia and her husband live in France (if that's not romantic, what is?); I imagine my new niece will be surrounded by a doting family... and of course a nursery decorated in very, very good taste. : D

We visited France in June of 2004. Here's a picture of Bayley in Brittany. She had just turned nine:
And Todd was 36, and Eric was about 18 months old:
Speaking of babies, I think that Eric might be leaving part of his babyhood behind. Yesterday morning when I dressed him for preschool he absolutely refused to wear a diaper. He screamed, kicked, wouldn't do it. He had to wear underpants. So... I let him wear underpants to preschool. I've let him wear underpants around the house, but I've never, ever let him out in public without a diaper. I was nervous.

I picked him up from preschool three hours later, fully expecting to find him in a diaper and the spare pants I gave to his teacher ("just in case"). But lo! He was completely dry. He'd been perfect for over three hours, at school, without me, and all I can say is-- WOW. I was practically flipping out with glee. Wow.

Last week he told me he loved me. Another first.

Here's Eric. The photo was taken in October. Make a wish:

And hey--it's Valentine's Day. Happy Valentine's, everyone.

How am I doing: Well... after that last post, I was feeling brave. So I ran around town, doing errands that I'd have done when I was perfectly healthy. At about 2:30 I was in Old Navy, shopping like a normal person, and the store just started to spin. It was very, very maddening. So I went out to my car and got myself under control... and then I went to a restaurant to have something to eat. I hadn't eaten anything all day, and I just had to try to eat something, anything, I dunno. I also decided to have a glass of wine. Like a normal, healthy person, right? Bad idea. The Rebif and the wine hit me at the same time, and I actually had to call a friend to drive me home. I was a mess. Vomiting, crying, the whole pathetic scene. I am lucky to have a friend who will a) pick me up and b) hold both me and the bowl while I retch. You really can't buy friends like her. So thanks. I hope I can keep scenes like that to a minimum in the future.

My left hand is numb and tingly. My right leg is worse; tingling up to the hip now. I can't really feel three of my toes. My vertigo. The vertigo. It's just not, it's just not, not not not going away.

It's sunny again today though, and I feel pretty good overall.


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