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Monday, January 09, 2006

Another 44 mcg shot survived.

I took it on Sunday morning and tolerated it much better than the Friday night dose. I *think* I did much better this time because I found some Vioxx and took 1/2 a pill right before I injected myself.

When it comes to controlling pain and inflammation, Vioxx rules. It runs circles around Tylenol and Celebrex. Too bad they don't make Vioxx anymore, though... I have 2 1/2 left. I'll be rationing them very carefully.

I went to Costco with my friend J yesterday.

I'm still just dizzy, dizzy, dizzy. Every second of every day.

I hope the otoneurologist can help me. I see him on January 25th. He's up in Portland, so it'll be kind of a big journey. I'll have to have several tests done up there, even though I've already had them done here: an MRI, a hearing exam, and a VNG. The VNG in particular is really, really horrible. But if this doctor can help me, I'll do it again. I'll even wash his car.

I wonder if I'll ever feel normal again. I wonder if I'll ever get a break. I think about who I was a year ago... we were going to Hawaii, we were excited, I felt great. We spent Todd's birthday together at a restaurant on a beach on Maui. Life was neat.

It all seemed like it happened so long ago, and to somebody else.

The days pass and I lose hope.


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