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Monday, January 02, 2006

The kids are back in school tomorrow.

Hooray! ; )

I swear, Christmas break just goes on and on and on...!

In the morning that all ends. Bayley will be picked up @ 7:45 by L, my carpool buddy, and taken to school. At 8:30 I'll take Eric to preschool. Preschool is clear across town, but he loves it. By about 9:20 I'll be back home, and I'll have the house allllll to myself... ahhh... I'll have one hour and 50 minutes of peace. One hour and 50 minutes of solitude. One hour and fifty minutes to think. No one will be around to whine. No one will be around to make a mess in the kitchen--the mess is always in the kitchen, and part of it always sticks to the floor.

No one will be home but me. And that's great. Having the house to myself is better sometimes than a pedicure or a massage--because IF you leave your family in the house to go get the pedicure or massage, you can be guaran-damn-teed that by the time you get back your kitchen will need an hour of rehab , every single toy will be on the floor, someone's diaper will smell bad and someone else will be hungry. And they'll know exactly how long you've been away. Break's over! Back to work!

Ahhh... anyway. Back to my plan for the morning. At 9:30 I'll give myself a shot. Tomorrow, at least, Eric won't be screaming outside of the bathroom door while I do this; screaming is what often happens when he's around (Why is Mommy going into the bathroom by herself? Why is she locking the door? Why can't I come in?), even if I'm only in there for 2 minutes.

That's motherhood, though. If you aren't available 100% of the time you risk wrath.

For one hour and 50 minutes if I want to take a shower, I can. If I want to curl up on the bed with a heating pad, I can. If I want to browse the internet for furniture I can't afford, I can. As long as Eric doesn't bite anyone, I can do whatever I want, for one hour and 50 minutes. No one will be around to watch me or judge me. I will feel no pressure.

Then at 11:10 I'll get back in the car, drive across town and pick Eric up from preschool. I should be home by 11:50.

It's not a lot. But it's what I've got. I cherish it.


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