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Monday, January 30, 2006

Every artist is a cannibal

Every poet is a thief
All kill their inspiration
And sing about the grief
--Bono, The Fly

Just a quick note to say that I feel much better this week. I went up to see the neurotologist in Portland last week, and I think he had cheerful news. He said that he felt that my vertigo is NOT, repeat NOT being caused by my MS. He thinks that allergies are the most likely culprit.

And so I have a new gameplan! Allergy shots, a different benzodiazepine (I'll switch from clonazepam to valium or xanax), and perhaps some diamox to relieve the pressure in my ear.

I'm still dizzy, but I'm cheerful. I feel so optimistic. Allergies! It could all be about allergies. Everyone has allergies. Your mother doesn't cry when you tell her you have allergies. People don't take a step back and go silent when you tell them you have allergies. HA!

Eric & Todd are taking a swimming class together. They just got home. Bayley is working on her homework on her new desk. She & Todd went skiing on Saturday, I hear it was a beautiful day with fresh powder...

I haven't been to the gym since November but I'll start working out again tomorrow, methinks. : ) I'll still be on the Rebif, still have a numb left hand & right shin etc, but what the heck. If I get too tired, I'll stop.


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