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Monday, February 20, 2006

Eric was fine!

He woke up this morning before I did. He had great energy all day long; Todd took him to the toy store and bought a humpback whale toy for him. That kid and his love for sea life! The potty-training thing doesn't seem to be progressing very quickly anymore, though. Patience... patience...

Newsflash (uh, not!): kids depress parents. You can read about it here. From the article:

"Society tries to tell us parenthood is the greatest fulfillment of all times," Jeffers tells WebMD. "That is not true for a majority of people. One can find wonderful things about having children. But people are not talking about the negative effect it has on your life. And it is very hard on relationships..."

"You lose your peace of mind, your extra money, your privacy, and on and on and on," Jeffers says. "The worst part of it all is how much you love them, because you worry a lot and you have to keep learning to let go and let go and let go."

For some reason this article cracks me up... I mean, what, do most people not already know this? And yet we have children anyway. Why? Is it guilt? Do we do it because we're "supposed" to? Because it's the next thing on the agenda? Because our friends are having them? Because the clock is ticking?

I'm feeling relatively good today. I went to the gym.


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