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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Speaking of Calvin & Hobbes...

...this is one of my favorites. Click on it so you can make it large enough to read Calvin's, uh, "poem":

My husband flew back to Salt Lake City last week for a few days to attend a Vocal Point reunion at BYU. Vocal Point is a 9-man acapella group; Todd was one of the original members. He was inducted into their Hall of Fame on Saturday. Not too shabby.

I flew my mom up from SLC to keep me company while he was gone. We had a great time. We cooked and cooked and cooked. Now I have two freezers filled with dinners that I can instantly heat up whenever I'm feeling tired.

Eric... *sigh* what can I say? Cute, but will he ever be potty trained? I'm bribing him with gummy worms now.

Bayley's piano & tennis skills are coming along well. Curiously enough, so are her video gaming skills... she wants to be a video game designer/developer when she grows up.


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