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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Ya know, I really like Calvin and Hobbes.

That Watterson guy really cheers me up.

I feel much better tonight than I felt last night. Woke up dizzy, but I'm slowing down.

Also worth mentioning: Todd admitted me to his pain clinic at the hospital on Friday (before the party, of course). He gave me some steroid injections; my left sacroiliac has been hurting for the past 3+ years. And now-- even though I have the munchies (thanks to the steroids), my SI joint feels great today.

I had fun last night with our pizza-and-a-movie friends...except...I realized once I got home that the big flannel pants I had on had a big tear in the crotch. Arrrgggh! I'm going to call my friend tomorrow and ask if anyone noticed. If anyone did, I guess I have a few phone calls to make. *sigh* Just one more embarrassing moment to add to my list of Lifetime Achievements in the Field of Self-Humiliation. Great, great, just brilliant, ack.

And, oh, just for kicks, my older brother used to think he was Captain Caveman back when we were growing up. Heh. If any of you remember this cartoon character, you're showing your age!


  • At 5:04 PM, Blogger Denise said…

    Miss you guys -- finished the new dvd with your fam on it -- I'll be sending it soon. I hope HOPE you get another day without vertigo. If I had a million dollars I'd give it to MS research -- maybe in the future....

    If you need to chat, give me a call -- baby girl is crazy but I'd still love to talk. Give XOXO to the kids.


  • At 3:37 PM, Blogger Michele said…

    Hey, I miss you guys too. Just got the DVD in the mail yesterday, I'll watch it tomorrow.

    Thanks for your kind wishes. If I had a million dollars, I would make it well known that I would give it to the first person who found a cure. I'd just write 'em a big ol' check.

    And--I just checked out your blog! You have a blog! Congratulations! It looks beautiful. Now start filling it up with cute pics... poems... favorite songs...

    Sometimes I know that my blog can be a bit distressing to read, depressing, whatever, but I think that if there's some other person with MS out there that I can help by sharing (*cough*, oversharing?), then perhaps I can still be a valuable commodity in some sense.

    AND... I want you to put your favorite funny links on your blog. You already know that what makes me laugh is blasphemy. ; ) Put your fun stuff on there, cuz I could use cheering up.

    And we gotta figure out when you're coming out in April, I need to talk to J because Mom is convinced that he doesn't want you to be gone as long as he says you can be here, but seriously HE says that if I want you to be here for a month that's just fine but MOM says no I can't do that but I think if HE says it's okay then it's okay but SHE says no he doesn't really mean that and I say but then why does he say it and this sentence is running on and on. My POINT being that if J really doesn't think he can part with you & E for four weeks, he should just say so, and frankly I don't think he's ever been afraid to tell me anything? Like saying, "No, you can't have my wife and daughter for four weeks" would not be something J would be afraid to say because he's what, over six feet tall and I'm not even close to that height. I can't really push him around like I used to, so, like I said to Mom, what would his problem BE? He doesn't have a problem, he's not shy, and he said you could visit for four whole weeks so there. And besides, when he misses you? He can call you, that's what phones are FOR. That's what I told Mom. So. Yeah.

    : )

    See you soon.

    Love, Michele


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