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Thursday, March 09, 2006

So... I should be PUT DOWN?

I don't usually post twice in the same day, but this was too funny.

I picked Bayley & Em up from school a few minutes ago. (Em is Bayley's friend). On the way home we talked about the upcoming fundraiser for the school. It's an auction. One of the items up for bidding is a basket filled with different kinds of gourmet coffee beans.

"My mom would really like that basket, because she really loves coffee!" Bayley said.

"My mom wouldn't, because she's trying to quit coffee," Em said.

I then explained to both of them that I've actually been trying to quit drinking so much coffee, too. Although coffee is good for people with gallbladder problems (which I have), it also raises the levels of inflammatory chemicals in the blood of people who drink it. You can read more about it here.

Em's mom has rheumatoid arthritis and I have MS, so we both have an interest in keeping our immune systems as quiet as possible. We try not to consume substances that might aggravate whatever-the-heck-it-is we have. I tried to explain this to the girls, but I guess in the process I made it seem like my disease (MS) and Em's mom's disease (RA) aren't so different...really...

"But Mom, what you have is worse than what she has," Bayley said.

"Well, yeah, most people tend to agree with you," I conceded.

"Because YOUR immune cells are attacking your BRAIN, not just your hands or your feet or something. That's a lot worse, Mom."

"I know. It's worse." OKAY, okay, it's worse. Given the choice, I know what most people would rather have.

And then the two girls started talking about friends they knew who had to put down various pets because those pets had certain illnesses. After a few minutes of listening to the particulars of why Fido and Morris and Splooshie had been euthanized, flushed, or otherwise put out of their misery--I said, "Wait a minute here! How did we go from talking about having sick parents to putting down pets? Are you kids trying to tell me that I should be put down already?"

We were all cracking up. Maybe you had to be there. I know it sounds like the conversation was a wee bit on the morbid side, but in the end it was quite funny. As punishment, I made my daughter hold still while I took her picture with my camera phone. (Note her attitude: 23% guilt, 32% awareness of cuteness, and 45% unrepentant glee at having gotten her mother's goat.)

Just to be fair, here's a camera-phone photo I took of myself a few minutes ago. No make-up, completely unaltered photograph. Attitude? 100% self-conscious. Enjoy.
He who believes is happy. He who knows is wise.
--Bulgarian proverb


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