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Monday, March 13, 2006

I finally had the courage to ask for help today.

And I was completely rebuffed.

I haven't been wanting to say, "Hey, I'm depressed" to anyone, out loud. But at this point I do think I'm depressed.

So, I called my neurologist. I know that depression is very common in multiple sclerosis, and very VERY common with people who take interferons, so I figured he'd have a handle on what would work for me. That, and he also knows the other meds I'm on (Rebif, adderall, etc) and would know best how to avoid any weird interactions. I called my neurologist and left a message with his nurse.

After waiting all day for an answer, I got a call from his nurse around 4:30 pm. "He doesn't write prescriptions for things like depression," she told me. "You need to call your primary care provider."

There ya go.

I don't have a primary care provider.

And whaddya wanna bet that when I manage to see one, he or she will look at my medical history and say--"I don't know what you need. Why don't you ask your neurologist?"


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